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We work to ensure that public resources are used efficiently, effectively, and accountably to benefit those who need them most.
The Fiscal Governance Program promotes new global norms, strengthens independent oversight mechanisms, and increases government capacity to harness public resources for development.

Fiscal Governance Program

The Fiscal Governance Program works to promote openness, accountability, and equity in fiscal and economic systems around the world.

By closely examining how governments create and spend revenue, the Fiscal Governance Program seeks to promote new global norms, increase oversight and accountability, empower civil society, and help governments to wield public resources in support of equitable development and human rights.

Given corruption’s uniquely adverse influence on democracy, the Fiscal Governance Program places special emphasis on exposing and reducing illegal and unethical behavior in economic and financial policymaking.

The Fiscal Governance Program’s chief tool is grant making, which it uses to support groups at the international, regional, and national levels. Collectively, these groups engage in a combination of advocacy, monitoring, capacity building, litigation, and campaigning.