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Through empowerment, policy change, and legal action, we target reforms that meaningfully improve the working and living conditions of migrants.
The International Migration Initiative seeks to address systemic exploitation, discrimination, and violence against migrants at every stage of their journey.

International Migration Initiative

The International Migration Initiative works to improve protections for refugees and vulnerable migrants, to tackle the exploitation of migrant workers, and to build stronger ties between host communities and newcomers. In support of these goals, we make grants, build partnerships, and pursue advocacy with policymakers. We work with a wide range of actors around the world, including civil society groups, national and local governments, international organizations, faith groups, and the private sector.

Our program areas are:

Twenty-First Century Protection

We support efforts to ensure that the existing legal protections afforded to refugees and migrants are truly effective in practice. This includes demonstrating how reforms and new operational models can improve upon and complement the existing protection systems.

Fair Work

A migrant worker, far from home, is inherently vulnerable to exploitation. When abuses occur, we want to ensure that workers benefit from the protection of the law. We support efforts to ensure that governments and businesses give migrant workers a fair deal, and that migrants are able to organize and participate in the policy debates that influence their rights.

Welcoming & Integrated Societies

We aim to deepen support for refugees and migration through welcoming initiatives that create bridges between natives and newcomers, and to use insights on public attitudes to inform policy and advocacy. We pay close attention to the concerns of host communities and aim to strengthen their role in integration.