We aim to cultivate and strengthen new leadership in civil society.
The New Executives Fund provides key support to new nonprofit heads to help organizations navigate leadership transitions.

New Executives Fund

New Executives Fund grants provide newly appointed nonprofit leaders the flexibility to implement their initiatives.

Financial support is awarded to executive directors and chief executive officers worldwide with tenure of less than a year. It is intended to help nonprofits during their first two years of new leadership in fields central to Open Society’s mission.

The initial period when a new executive is appointed can be the most challenging and also the most promising time for an organization. It is a period when new directors can bring fresh thinking to the organization.

This fund gives new leaders the discretionary support to advance the vision that got them hired in the first place. Organizations will receive a two-year grant, which will be allocated at the executive director’s discretion.

The fund will not review unsolicited applications. Eligible candidates are nominated internally.

See a list of grantees.