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We support activists and organizers under the age of 30 who take a youth-focused approach to bringing about change.
The Open Society Community Youth Fellowship is committed to helping young people envision and implement solutions that inspire new conversations across the globe.

Open Society Community Youth Fellowship

Launched in 2015, the Open Society Community Youth Fellowship supports young activists and organizers as thought leaders and allies in crafting solutions and new youth-focused approaches to open society challenges. The fellowship funds work that supports and enriches understanding of youth-led approaches to change, and inspires conversations within the Open Society Foundations and in the world.

Some fellows are activists tackling critical open society issues in the regions where they live; others work on projects dedicated to creating content-rich material—like toolkits or studies—that more broadly supports youth work. They may produce reports or blogs, develop innovative education or training resources, launch new campaigns or organizations, or create works of artistic or cultural expression.

In all cases, fellows take advantage of the considerable intellectual and logistical resources of the Open Society Foundations and contribute meaningfully to the Foundations’ thinking in return.