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The following is a list of the current Open Society Fellows.

Elisabeth Caesens

Elisabeth Caesens

Elisabeth Caesens is examining hydroelectricity deals and revenue flows in the Democratic Republic of Congo to bring greater transparency and accountability to the country’s mining industry.

Chitrangada Choudhury

Chitrangada Choudhury

Chitrangada Choudhury is chronicling the profound effects of resource conflicts on the lives of marginalized and indigenous communities in India’s forested mineral belt.

Jennifer Daskal

Jennifer Daskal

Jennifer Daskal is investigating efforts by several nations—including the United States, the UK, and Brazil—to gain access to data stored outside their borders for use in criminal investigations.

Liz Evans

Liz Evans is producing a guide to help other communities improve how addicts are seen and treated.

Katrin Hansing

Katrin Hansing is examining the impact of the complex economic and social reforms currently taking place in Cuba.

Lican Liu

Lican Liu

Lican Liu is writing a book that will apply an environmental justice approach to the pursuit of environmental protection in China.

Bálint Magyar

Bálint Magyar

Bálint Magyar is looking at several post-communist states, whose actions, he argues, are warped by the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of corrupt political “families.”

Lucia Nader

Lucia Nader is looking at how rights-based groups in Brazil, the United States, and Europe have responded to the demands of mass protest movements.

Pablo Ortellado

Pablo Ortellado’s project looks at why international protest movements often reject representative government while simultaneously demanding better public services from the state—and what can be done about it.

Sasha Polakow-Suransky

Sasha Polakow-Suransky is writing a book on the backlash against immigration in five countries and the long-term threat that xenophobic parties and politicians pose to inclusive democratic governance.

Michael Sfard

Michael Sfard is writing a book that examines the last four decades of human rights litigation in Israel on issues related to the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Prashant Sharma

Prashant Sharma is investigating public–private partnerships in India to gauge whether they are accountable to its citizens.

Shekhar Singh

Shekhar Singh is exploring the mixed success of right-to-information laws in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh in achieving accountability from governments and other actors.

Camilla Toulmin

Camilla Toulmin

Camilla Toulmin’s project documents shifting claims to land and natural resources in the Ségou region of central Mali over the last 35 years.

Leonard Wantchekon

Leonard Wantchekon is examining the complex relationship between rural infrastructure availability and food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa.