Arun Kundnani

OSI-New York
October 2010–September 2011

Arun Kundnani is a British writer and human rights activist who examined the shortcomings of the “hearts-and-minds” approach to militancy among Muslims in the United States and the United Kingdom.

To varying degrees, law-enforcement agencies in both countries had concluded that supporting “moderate” Muslim voices is an effective means of countering Islamic radicalism. With an apparent increase in “home-grown” terrorism in the United States, Kundnani believed that such policies will become a favored tactic for politicians pressured to take action against Muslim radicals. His project looked at how these approaches are likely to affect civil, political, and cultural rights in target communities.

Kundnani is the editor of Race and Class, published by the Institute of Race Relations in London. In 2009, he wrote a controversial and influential report titled Spooked: How Not to Prevent Violent Extremism, which explored the effects of the Prevent program, the British counter-radicalism policy aimed at Muslim communities.