Gregg Gonsalves

New York, Kiev, Johannesburg, Cape Town
June 1, 2011–May 31, 2012

Gregg Gonsalves has been a leading HIV/AIDS activist for more than two decades. As an Open Society Fellow, Gonsalves is examining how the response to HIV became a catalyst for broader political change, including improvement in other areas of health and development, education, and human rights. His project asks how lessons from the HIV/AIDS scale-up can be applied to other global health challenges, such as mobilizations to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis and to protect maternal and child health. 

Gonsalves started his work as an activist with the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (Act Up) and co-founded the Treatment Action Group in 1992. He also founded the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition in 2003. Gonsalves’s earlier work at Gay Men’s Health Crisis focused on access to AIDS treatment in the developing world. He most recently worked for the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa, based in Cape Town, where he started a program on scientific literacy and community mobilization around HIV and TB treatment.

His fellowship project promises to bring new knowledge and resources to the work of the Open Society Public Health Program, the LGBTI Rights Initiative, U.S. Programs, and our foundations in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia.