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The Regional Policy Initiative on Afghanistan & Pakistan provides targeted, expert research and advocacy support to address the unique challenges to open society values arising from conflict and insecurity in the region.

In both Afghanistan and Pakistan some of the greatest challenges to open society are insecurity, impunity, civilian casualties, detention abuse and militant extremist groups. The Regional Policy Initiative assists local civil society organizations as well as the Open Society Foundations’ network and partners successfully address these challenges. We recognize the urgent need for innovative and diverse approaches in both countries, as well as sustained, coordinated engagement between a broad range of governmental and nongovernmental actors on local, national, regional, and international levels.

The Regional Policy Initiative on Afghanistan & Pakistan conducts and supports research and advocacy on conflict-related human rights in partnership with local civil society organizations, focusing on two thematic priorities: civilian protection and conflict-related detentions. We also seek to amplify the voices of local civil society, enhance their effectiveness, and foster cross-border learning through the convening of regional and national-level conferences, working groups, exchanges, and workshops. Initiative staff regularly contribute to public and academic discourse on human rights in the region through the publication of op-eds, policy papers, and academic articles.