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We provide support to individuals motivated to improve the social, political, intellectual, and economic environments in their home countries.
The Scholarship Programs aim to promote critical thinking, free and open intellectual inquiry, and cross-cultural tolerance and respect.

Scholarship Programs

The Scholarship Programs support individuals passionate about improving their knowledge and their ability to advance positive social change in their home countries.

University-based education will empower these individuals to explore and develop intelligent and humane ideas generated by free and open inquiry, critical analysis, and a nuanced understanding of the complex challenges facing open societies. 

Through professional degree and international research awards, we help individuals in constrained environments access academic resources more readily available in open societies. We prioritize grants to individuals in countries particularly challenged by repressive governance and constant threats to human rights.

Using transparent, open and merit-based competitions, we offer awards for advanced study in the social sciences and humanities. Awards include enhancements such as preparatory summer programs, regional conferences, and internship opportunities, all designed to strengthen the networks and communities of the open society leaders we seek to build.

The Scholarship Programs collaborate with universities, private donors, and government agencies around the world, as well as with other Open Society programs and affiliated organizations.