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We are a nonprofit social investment fund that works to alleviate poverty and revitalize communities.
The Soros Economic Development Fund supports economic development in post-conflict countries and in nations transitioning to democracy by investing in the financial services, agribusiness, and logistics sectors.

Soros Economic Development Fund

The Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF) promotes economic opportunities and access to affordable and essential goods and services for underserved populations in post-conflict or less developed countries and communities. We use a variety of program-related investments, including equity, debt, and guarantees. On occasion, we may also provide grants for technical assistance or other essential support.

SEDF invests in sustainable businesses or initiatives (including investment companies) whose social purpose is embedded within the investee’s business strategy and that otherwise meet our criteria. Our primary goal is to maximize charitable impact while ensuring that our investees are financially viable in order to manage the risk that failure of the investee could result in negative social impact. Only successful investees are able to generate the desired charitable purposes, enable us to sustain our program, and ultimately attract for-profit commercial investment for longer-term growth and impact. We conduct rigorous due diligence and demand good governance from our portfolio companies, and require a board seat in our equity investments.

SEDF focuses primarily on financial inclusion, agribusinesses, and logistics. We seek to partner with like-minded investors and strategic partners to bring additional capital and expertise when appropriate.

Established in 1997, SEDF has access to funds of over $200 million and employs 15 people in New York, Freetown, London, and Johannesburg.