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We support independent policy centers that embrace inclusive policy change via analysis, advocacy, and engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.
Active in more than 20 countries across Europe and the South Caucasus, the Think Tank Fund devises country-by-country funding strategies based on needs assessments, cooperation with local Open Society foundations, and careful selection of grantees.

Think Tank Fund

The Think Tank Fund works to ensure decision makers and relevant stakeholders in the countries of operation use high quality, evidence-informed research to develop and implement policies that lead to and sustain more open and prosperous societies.

We support independent policy research centers that strengthen democratic processes by identifying political, economic, and social problems, researching them in a nonpartisan and policy-relevant way and providing policy alternatives that enrich public debate. The Think Tank Fund also examines the various roles and functions that think tanks play in the political and policy arenas. We pursue this mission through operational and grant making programs.

The Think Tank Fund believes that policy research should use fully disclosed, scientifically rigorous methodology, and that participatory decision-making approaches yield results only when they include high quality evidence-informed policy alternatives. Political actors should rely on evidence-informed research in their decision-making, and policy work should target multiple audiences, beyond decision makers, epistemic, and expert communities. The best policy solutions are initiated locally by competent actors, think tanks being one of them. An effective think tank is an innovative and flexible organization both in the choice of problems they address and in how they address them. Ideas have power to change policy.