Esi Mathis

Esi Mathis

Covina, CA

Host: Campaign for Fair Sentencing of Youth

Esi Mathis will train and mobilize a cadre of citizens directly impacted by the issue of young people serving long, adult sentences.

Mathis, a Florida native and current resident of Southern California, is an inspirational speaker, ordained pastor, and freelance writer. She is also the mother of a child sentenced to die in prison and the grandmother and aunt of victims of violent crime—experiences that catalyzed her involvement in the issue of harsh and extreme sentences for youth. She serves as the coordinator of the National Family Network, a support system for friends and family members of people impacted by youth violence.

Mathis is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, Florida A&M University, and St. Petersburg College, and has over 15 years of human resources management experience. She is also the director of the Children’s Ministry at Gateway Community Church in Chino, California.