Mujahid Farid

New York, NY
May 2013–November 2014

Using research, mobilization, and advocacy, Mujahid Farid will address the plight of older people in New York State prisons and promote the use of mechanisms that would lead to their release.

Farid is a founding member of the Prisoners AIDS Counseling & Education program and helped design prison-based sociology and theology courses that allowed others to earn college-credited certificates and transition into more structured higher education opportunities. Since his release in 2011, Farid has worked at the Correctional Association of New York. During his more than 30 years of incarceration in New York State, Farid earned four college degrees and other certifications, including his paralegal certificate, New York State Department of Labor Certificate in Human Development Counseling, and New York City Department of Health Certificate in HIV/AIDS Counseling.