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We work to promote and protect the rights of women and girls around the globe.
Through grant making and advocacy, the Women’s Rights Program supports efforts to strengthen women’s rights organizations and movements, advance sexual and reproductive rights and justice, and promote economic rights.

Women’s Rights Program

The past several years have seen women’s rights set back by the global economic crisis, the rise of religious fundamentalism, and a surge in political conservatism. Increasingly, women all over the world are denied access to power, resources, information, and basic rights. The Women’s Rights Program works to improve the lives of women by advancing women’s rights, equality, and participation in decision making, particularly in places where the forces rolling back these rights are most severe.

Through grant making, advocacy, capacity and coalition building, and organizing meetings and exchanges, we support efforts to strengthen access to justice, protect women’s sexual and reproductive rights, and promote economic advancement.

Strengthening Women’s Rights Movements Everywhere

Increasingly, many women’s rights organizations survive largely by working on areas that receive greater resources, like micro-lending or children’s health, and so have limited ability to focus on women’s rights explicitly. We identify organizations that directly counter the forces and systems at the root of undermining women’s rights, and work to strengthen the infrastructure of the women’s rights movement globally, including next generation leadership development.

Promoting Economic Justice for Women

Economic forces are exacerbating women’s economic marginalization; promoting women’s meaningful participation in economic policy and decision making can help combat this. From a greater burden of providing care, unequal access to land and property, abusive working conditions, and unfair pay gaps, the Women’s Rights Program confronts these issues and supports initiatives that strengthen women’s ability to freely participate in, contribute to, and benefit from formal and informal economies to achieve economic security, stability, and sustainability.   

Advancing Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights Justice

A powerful opposition movement of both religious fundamentalists and political conservatives threatens the hard-fought advancements of women’s sexual and reproductive rights and justice. The Women’s Rights Program supports initiatives that focus on countering coercive reproductive control measures; strengthening an affirmative framework for realizing sexual and reproductive rights, including promoting access to safe and legal abortion; and challenging the surveillance, criminalization, and punishment of women’s sexuality and behavior during pregnancy.