Addressing the Global Food Crisis: Maize, Food Security, and Climate Change

Since 2007, food prices have been high and volatile, particularly for corn. This volatility has been caused in significant part by U.S. policies that encourage corn ethanol production and by the deregulation of financial markets that contributed to high levels of financial speculation on commodity markets. High prices have consequences far beyond U.S. borders.

Open Society Fellow Timothy A. Wise is examining the effects of U.S. policies in Latin America and Africa, and will offer observations from his research so far, which has taken him to Mexico, Rome, Iowa, South Africa, Bali, Ethiopia, and Malawi.

Download a PDF of Wise’s PowerPoint presentation referenced during the event.

Date: February 10, 2014
Time: 12:151:30 p.m.
Stephen Hubbell and Timothy A. Wise