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After the Summit for Democracy: Shoring Up the Fundamentals of Democracy

Mortise with Michael J. Abramowitz, Anne Applebaum, Joe Asunka, Mark Malloch-Brown, and Ashley Quarcoo

On December 9–10, the Biden administration held a virtual summit for leaders from government, civil society, and the private sector to focus on current challenges and opportunities facing democracies—and to secure commitments from those actors to take additional steps to uphold and secure principles of democratic government.

This discussion assesses Summit accomplishments. What commitments were made and what gaps remain? What can civil society do to be sure governments do more to protect minority rights, ease political polarization, safeguard free speech and independent media, and curb the COVID-19 pandemic?

Panelists offer their perspectives on what happened at the Summit and what can be done in the year ahead to best shore up democracies around the world.


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