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Brazil, Foreign Policy, and Human Rights

Brazil’s Foreign Policy Falls Short on Human Rights


Brazil has experienced tremendous economic and social advances in recent years, emerging as a new, significant player in regional and world affairs. Brazil has become an increasingly relevant actor in multilateral institutions and international gatherings, challenging unequal relations between the Global North and South, and pressing for reforms.

With Brazil’s rise, a number of Open Society programs have engaged in efforts to improve Brazilian foreign policy on a broad range of human rights issues. At the same time, Brazil’s recent economic slowdown has raised questions about the nature and influence of its foreign policy going forward.


  • Lucia Nader, Executive Director of Conectas Human Rights, a leading human rights organizationfocused on monitoring and influencing the foreign policy of Global South countries, particularly Brazil
  • Pedro Abramovay, Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Open Society Foundations
  • Heloisa Griggs, Senior Program Officer, Open Society Latin America Program (moderator)

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