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Celebrating 20 Years of Open Society Institute–Baltimore with Patrick Gaspard and the 2018 Open Society Institute Community Fellows

  • When
  • October 30, 2018
    7:00–8:30 p.m.
  • Where
  • The Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218
  • Speakers
  • Patrick Gaspard, Kurt Schmoke and Lois Feinblatt

Patrick Gaspard on the Continuing Challenges to Open Societies Around the World


Open Society Institute-Baltimore hosted the last of three special events marking our 20th anniversary on October 30 at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Patrick Gaspard, president of Open Society Foundations and ambassador to South Africa during the Obama administration, discussed the challenges to open societies around the world. We also introduced the new 2018 cohort of Open Society Institute–Baltimore Community Fellows.

Throughout this series, Open Society Institute–Baltimore has honored local individuals who have lived the values of our tagline, “Bold Thinking, Strategic Action, Justice for All.” At this final event, we presented “Justice for All” awards to Kurt Schmoke, former mayor of Baltimore and current president of the University of Baltimore, and to Lois Feinblatt, therapist, activist, and philanthropist, for their tireless and effective advocacy on behalf of Baltimore communities. 

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  • Patrick Gaspard


    Patrick Gaspard is president of the Open Society Foundations.

  • KS

    Kurt Schmoke


    Kurt Schmoke is the current president of the University of Baltimore and the former mayor of Baltimore.

  • LF

    Lois Feinblatt


    Lois Feinblatt is a former therapist with a specialty in human sexuality, an activist and philanthropist with a focus on issues affecting children, and a longtime supporter and champion of Open Society Institute–Baltimore.

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