Conversations on Justice: Envisioning the Next 25 Years of Criminal Justice Reform

Conversations on Justice, a public education series of the Open Society Foundations’ Justice Roundtable, hosts the launch of a new publication by The Sentencing Project, To Build a Better Criminal Justice System:  25 Experts Envision the Next 25 Years of Reform. 

The publication grows out of the recent 25-year anniversary of The Sentencing Project, during which the organization invited scholars, policy advocates, and others to contribute essays on goals and strategies for long-term reform.  The panel discussion will include five contributors to the publication.


  • Paul Butler, Professor, The George Washington University Law School
  • Seema Gajwani, Program Officer for Criminal Justice, Public Welfare Foundation
  • Marie Gottschalk, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Vanita Gupta, Director, ACLU Center for Justice and Deputy Legal Director
  • Glenn Martin, Director, David Rothenberg Center
    for Public Policy, The Fortune Society
  • Marc Mauer, Executive Director, The Sentencing Project (moderator)
Date: March 28, 2012
Time: 12:002:00 p.m.

OSI-Washington, D.C.

Paul Butler, Seema Gajwani, Marie Gottschalk, Vanita Gupta, Glenn Martin, and Marc Mauer