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Fighting Racial Discrimination in Housing: Forced Evictions against Roma

Authorities have always used measures to marginalize and reject the Roma population. As a result, Roma have been prevented from settling. Forced evictions of Roma are a traditional and continuing expression of anti-Gypsyism. This hearing will take stock of the systematic forced evictions of Roma in Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, and France.

What are the competences of the European Commission to intervene on forced evictions, and what has it done so far to address this issue? How can National Roma Integration Strategies contribute to improving Roma access to housing? How are international human rights standards applied? How can EU funds be used to prevent evictions?

The following members of the European Parliament will host the hearing: Peter Niedermuller, Terry Reintke, Barbara Spinelli, Fredrick Federley, Damian Draghici, Sirpa Paitikainen, Cornelia Ernst, and Benedek Javor.


  • Daniela Mihailova is legal director for the Equal Opportunities Association, Bulgaria.
  • Enrico Guida is a human rights officer for the Associazione 21 Luglio.
  • Marton Udvari is a legal expert for the Legal Defence Bureau for National and Ethnic Minorities.
  • Pierre Chopinaud is the director of La Voix de Rroms.
  • Andreas Stein is head of the Legal Unit for Equal Treatment Legislation, DG JUST.
  • Stefan Olsson is head of the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit, DG EMPL.
  • Nicola De Michelis is director of inclusive growth, urban and territorial development, and northern Europe, DG REGIO.
  • Adam Weiss is legal director for the European Roma Rights Centre.
  • Neil Campbell is deputy director of the Open Society European Policy Institute.

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