Gypsy Bashavel

The Gypsy Bashavel (Cigansky basavel) is an international open-air festival of Roma music, art, and culture taking place in a beautiful meadow at the Red castle (Cerveny kamen) about 25 km from Bratislava, Slovakia. It was initiated in 2009 by the NGO Dive maky and has been organized each year in the summer. The event is open to all visitors, who will have the chance to experience 12 hours of Roma culture and related programs.

Performers: Kal (Serbia), Gulo Čar (Czech Republic), Bitumen beat (Czech Republic), After Purikane (Slovakia), Ciganski diabli (Serbia), Sendreiovci and Kokave Lavatura in fusion with Para (Slovakia), Anita Soul (Slovakia), Oskar Rózsa (Slovakia), and many others.

A group of 40 Roma children, who have been partaking in theatre, dance, and music workshops, as well as a creative summer camp—led by professional musicians, a choreographer and a theatre director—will be staging their performance at the festival, in cooperation with Slovak artists. The preparation and participation of the children is realized by Dive maky and supported by the Open Society Arts and Culture Program of Budapest.

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Date: August 29, 2012
Time: 12:00 p.m.