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How Disinformation Spreads: Social Media’s Impact on Italy’s Elections

Italy’s parliamentary elections on March 4 demonstrated unprecedented support for political forces that have risen on anti-establishment and Eurosceptic arguments, in a campaign that was largely conducted online. What was the role of social media in shaping public opinion and votes in the run-up to the elections?

In this event, Alexandre Alaphilippe from EU DisinfoLab and fact-checker David Puente will discuss how civil society cooperation helped monitor and counter online disinformation during the elections. The discussion will be enriched by the contribution of Naja Bentzen with the European Parliamentary Research Service, who will address the issue of the increasing influence of disinformation campaigns in Europe—and its implications for the upcoming European Parliament elections.


  • IK

    Iskra Kirova


    Iskra Kirova is a senior policy analyst at the Open Society European Policy Institute.

  • NB

    Naja Bentzen


    Naja Bentzen is a policy analyst at the European Parliamentary Research Service.

  • DA

    David Alejandro Puente Anzil


    David Alejandro Puente Anzil is a computer programmer and fake news debunker.

  • AA

    Alexandre Alaphilippe


    Alexandre Alaphilippe is vice president of partnerships and operations at EU DisinfoLab.

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