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Integration Within Association: New Perspectives on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

The bilateral EU-Ukraine Association Agreement offers an unprecedented basis for a gradual opening of the European Union internal market to Ukraine. With the exception of the European Economic Area and relations with candidate countries, the European Union has never provided such plentiful market opportunities to a third country. A significant level of integration with the European Union is possible within the association framework already in place.

The panel will present innovative perspectives on the agreement’s implementation, analyze the benefits of integration in a number of sectors, and discuss the state of play regarding fulfillment of required commitments by both sides. Experts will also present the conclusions of a recent paper by the International Renaissance Foundation, Integration Within Association: Dynamics of the EU-Ukraine Agreement Implementation.


  • Iskra Kirova


    Iskra Kirova is a senior policy analyst for the Open Society Europe and Eurasia Program.

  • Igor Burakovsky


    Igor Burakovsky is head of the board at the Institute of Economic Research and Policy Consulting.

  • Olena Pavlenko


    Olena Pavlenko is president of the Dixi Group.

  • Dmytro Shulga


    Dmytro Shulga is the European Program director of the International Renaissance Foundation.

  • Ulla Hakanen


    Ulla Hakanen is desk officer for relations with Ukraine at the European External Action Service.

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