Requiem for Auschwitz Concert in Prague

The Dutch Sinto composer, Roger Moreno Rathgreb, has composed a Requiem for Auschwitz, a Requiem for all the victims of the Nazi-regime. The International Gipsy Festival Tillburg together with five partner countries have arranged a performance of this piece by a professional orchestra and choir in several European states. One of these states is the Czech Republic. There, the Requiem will be performed in the capital city of Prague in Rudolfinum Concert Hall on November 4 2012. This exceptional evening will be accompanied by a programme dealing with the phenomenon of holocaust.

The project will be realized in the capitals of Poland, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Germany. Requiem will be performed by the orchestra from Frankfurt am Main composed of 75 Roma musicians from Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. The orchestra is lead by a distinguished Roma conductor Ricard M. Sahiti. Local choir and soloists are chosen for each venue. In Prague, it will be the Kühn Choir of Prague. When performed, the Requiem will be divided into three blocks. In between these, renowned artists, poets or actors with special thematically related performances will appear.

The Open Society Arts and Culture Program supports the participation of five Roma from Eastern Europe, who are participating in the organization of the concert in the framework of a year-long professional training on festival management, conducted by Slovo 21.

Tickets for the concert in Prague are available for free in Rudolfinum.

Date: November 4, 2012
Time: 6:00 p.m.

Rudolfinum Concert Hall, Prague