Security Challenges Around Nigeria’s Upcoming Elections

The electoral process in Nigeria faces significant challenges ahead of April’s presidential elections.  There are major logistical hurdles and concerns about maintaining an open and secure environment for political contestation. Elections officials have emphasized the importance of good security around campaigning and voting, the responsibility for which falls both to the police and armed forces.

The Open Society Foundations and Human Rights Watch present a discussion about Nigeria’s security institutions in the context of the elections. The panel of human rights experts and political analysts will address the continuing threats to the electoral process and the effectiveness of security planning to date. 


  • Eric Guttschuss, Nigeria Researcher, Human Rights Watch
  • Otive Igbuzor, Executive Director of the African Centre for Leadership, Strategy & Development, Nigeria
  • Chris Kwaja, Lecturer, University of Jos, Nigeria
  • Lauren McCaskill, Case Western University School of Law
  • Akwe Amosu, Director of Africa Advocacy, Open Society Foundations (moderator)

Light breakfast will be served.

Date: March 8, 2011
Time: 9:0011:00 a.m.

OSI-Washington, D.C.

Akwe Amosu, Eric Guttschuss, Otive Igbuzor, Chris Kwaja, and Lauren McCaskill