Symposium on Equality Data Collection

Discrimination often goes unnoticed and unreported. Without reliable data on the life experiences of groups at risk of discrimination states cannot measure equality gaps and design policies accordingly. In the absence of data, victims cannot prove to lawmakers, courts or employers that differential treatment exists and needs to be addressed.

We also know the extent to which companies and governments use data to monitor and control individuals. European States are now discussing how to better protect citizens’ privacy. As long as data is collected in a way that is compatible with data protection standards, data can be used to enforce fundamental rights.

In order to address these questions, the Open Society Foundations and European Network Against Racism are hosting a symposium on equality data collection to take place on October 24 and 25 in Brussels. The aim of the symposium is to encourage the collection of comparable sets of equality data in Europe while respecting data protection safeguards and self-identification criteria.


If you wish to attend this event, please RSVP to [email protected].

Date: October 24, 2013October 25, 2013
Time: (All day)