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Talking About Race: Mothers of the Movement Speak

Open Society Institute–Baltimore, in collaboration with Baltimore Ceasefire and the University of Baltimore College of Public Affairs, will host the next Talking About Race event, “Mothers of the Movement Speak,” a town hall discussion led by mothers who have lost children to police and gun violence.

The event will feature a panel discussion and Q&A with Samaria Rice, mother of Tamir Rice; Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner; and Marion Gray-Hopkins, mother of Gary Albert Hopkins, Jr. and director of the Coalition of Concerned Mothers; Tawanda Jones, who has led protests against police brutality since her brother was killed during an encounter with the Baltimore Police Department; and will be moderated by Bakari Kitwana, author and founder of Rap Sessions. Participants will then break into smaller groups for more in-depth discussions, which will be moderated by Baltimore Ceasefire. Erricka Bridgeford, co-organizer of Baltimore Ceasefire, will open the event.


  • EB

    Erricka Bridgeford


    Erricka Bridgeford is co-organizer of Baltimore Ceasefire.

  • SR

    Samaria Rice


    Samaria Rice is an activist and the mother of Tamir Rice.

  • GC

    Gwen Carr


    Gwen Carr is an activist and the mother of Eric Garner.

  • MG

    Marion Gray-Hopkins


    Marion Gray-Hopkins is director of the Coalition of Concerned Mothers, and is the mother of Gary Albert Hopkins Jr.

  • BK

    Bakari Kitwana


    Bakari Kitwana is an author and the founder of Rap Sessions.

  • TJ

    Tawanda Jones


    Tawanda Jones is an activist and the sister of Tyrone West.

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