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Trade, Inclusive Prosperity, and Competition in 2021 and Beyond

  • When
  • November 19, 2020
    12:00–1:30 p.m. (EST)
  • Where
  • Live Stream
  • Speakers
  • Micaela Fernandez Allen, Beth Baltzan, Cathy Feingold, Sarah Miller, and Thomas Perriello
  • Programs
  • Open Society-U.S.

This conversation on U.S. trade policy will cover subjects including labor policy and supply chains, U.S.-China relations, the effects of tariffs on U.S. workers and the economy, restoring confidence in the integrity of the global trading system, views from organized labor, and thoughts on which policies the next administration should take from the Trump administration and what they should leave behind.


  • Micaela Fernandez Allen


    Micaela Fernandez Allen is director of U.S. Advocacy for Open Society-U.S.

  • Beth Baltzan


    Beth Baltzan is a former Open Society consultant who drafted a new model for trade agreements.

  • Cathy Feingold


    Cathy Feingold is director of the International Department at the AFL-CIO.

  • Sarah Miller


    Sarah Miller is executive director of the American Economic Liberties Project.

  • Thomas Perriello


    Tom Perriello is executive director of Open Society-U.S.

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