The U.S. Elections—Innovations in Organizing

The U.S. Elections—Innovations in Organizing

This webcast, presented by the OSI Democracy and Power Fund, looks at the historic 2008 U.S. elections and the newly catalyzed brand of movement-building, distinctive for its integration of traditional grassroots organizing and creative use of new technology.  The discussion provides a snapshot of how nonpartisan organizations can use innovative organizing and technology strategies to more effectively advance a progressive agenda, and analyzes the role that emerging constituencies, specifically the growing Latina/o population, played in the elections.

Facilitated by Bill Vandenberg, OSI Democracy and Power Fund director, the discussion features Judith Freeman, co-founder and executive director of the New Organizing Institute, and Jorge Mursuli, president and CEO of Democracia USA.

Date: November 21, 2008
Time: 7:00 p.m.

OSI-New York

Judith Freeman, Jorge Mursuli, and Bill Vandenberg
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