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Open Society Welcomes the Biden Administration’s Formal Determination of Genocide Against the Rohingya

The Biden administration’s formal determination that Myanmar’s military committed genocide against the Rohingya is a welcome, albeit belated, step towards consequences for the brutal, targeted, and intentional slaughter that took place in August 2017 against thousands of civilians, which led to over 900,000 people crossing the border into Bangladesh.

The U.S. government’s official determination joins that of many credible organizations and media outlets which have long documented the horrific crimes committed by the Myanmar military against the Rohingya people. The U.S. government should now ensure this condemnation leads to additional measures to address justice and accountability for these grave crimes, as well as atrocities committed since, including in the wake of the February 2021 military coup. Even now, five years after the Rohingya genocide, the Tatmadaw’s discrimination and persecution of ethnic minorities continues and will not cease unless their impunity is disavowed and there are consequences for past abuse.

Around the world we see too many governments and authorities engaged in systematic discrimination, persecution, and isolation of ethnic minorities. This is often a precursor to ever more grave atrocities, including genocide, and needs to be met with condemnation and consequences. The international community must do all that it can to ensure accountability and justice for all.

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