Dierdre Williams

Diedre Williams

Dierdre Williams currently serves as project manager with the Talent Development Team, Human Resources Department. In this role, Williams leads an internal project at the Open Society Foundations to help new and existing managers supervise their teams more effectively.

Williams previously served as a senior program officer in the Open Society Education Support Program, where she led a network to facilitate learning, exchange of best practices, and technical support among teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and policymakers in Southern Africa. Williams also led Open Society’s work to establish the Education Sustainable Development Goal (SDG4). These efforts included supporting grantees and partners to ensure that constituency-based organizations were prominently engaged in the debates shaping SDG4.

Prior to joining the Open Society Foundations, Williams worked on projects in her native Caribbean region aimed at supporting teachers to integrate democratic values and practices in their classrooms and schools.

Williams holds an LLB from the University of the West Indies, an MBA with a concentration in marketing from Georgia State University, and a PhD in international education policy from the University of Maryland at College Park.