Rising Voices Launches Technology for Transparency Network

OSI grantee Rising Voices has launched a major new initiative to track emerging models of the innovative use of technology for transparency and accountability. A global network of researchers will develop a web-based map to highlight technology projects that aim to promote transparency, political accountability, and civic engagement in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, China, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Over the next three months, eight researchers and eight research reviewers will document at least 32 case studies of the most innovative technology for transparency projects outside of North America and Western Europe. By documenting and evaluating each project with a standard methodology, their aim is to answer the following questions:

  • What tactics and tools are most effective in making government information accessible to the general public in a meaningful way?
  • How can these tools help hold political and corporate leaders accountable to the rule of law, and to their campaign promises?
  • Do these tools promote wider civic engagement so that a more representative portion of citizens are involved in policy making and political processes?

Read more about the initiative on the Rising Voices website.