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A Year In: Turning the Tide in Russia’s Full-Scale War Against Ukraine

  • Date
  • February 2023

Russia’s war against Ukraine has killed innocent civilians, decimated entire cities, made a mockery of the rule of law, and pushed global food security to the brink. Russian aggression not only undermines the stability of the region, but the security and prosperity of the wider world, as well as the very principles of open society, human rights, and the rule of law.

Ukrainian victory will require a steep increase in support from its allies, so that the country can defend itself, keep its economy afloat, and, eventually, recover and rebuild. The sooner the war ends, the fewer lives will be lost, and the less damage will be done to the global order.

This analysis provides recommendations for policymakers to help Ukraine win the war, including an increase in financial support so that Ukraine’s economy can recover, and strengthened political support to hold Russia accountable for its crimes, and lay a solid foundation for post-war reconstruction and accession to the EU.

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