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DAAD-OSI Midyear Conference

The DAAD-OSI Midyear Conference brought 103 scholarship grantees from 11 countries to the city of Fulda. Fulda University of Applied Sciences is one of the program’s host universities, with approximately 5–7 scholars per year studying for a master's in Intercultural Communication and European Studies.

The scholars received a warm welcome from Prof. Dr. Roland Schopf, president of Fulda University; attended a lecture on right-wing extremism by Prof. Dr. Gudrun Hentges; and were updated on DAAD and OSI program developments, which are available to them upon completion of their degrees.

Most of conference focused on discussions of the scholars’ master's theses and PhD research in thematic groups facilitated by a German professor. Evening events included karaoke and dancing. Students also had the opportunity to participate in a photography competition; first and second prizes were awarded to Nino Tschirakadze (Humboldt University) from Georgia and Farid Aslan (University of Constance) from Azerbaijan.

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