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Developing a Strategy to Promote the Rights of People with Disabilities

Across Central and Eastern Europe, hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities are excluded from full participation in society—from education and employment, to housing and marriage. Not all countries with inclusive policies have transformed these into meaningful action.

Following the European Union’s ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, member states must align their policies with their practices to ensure that the human rights of people with disabilities are respected. In 2010 the European Parliament adopted the European Disability Strategy 20102020, which established a framework to achieve this goal.

This publication by the European Network on Independent Living is a resource for state governments and civil society involved in the development of national disability policies and strategies. It proposes priorities and steps for governments to take to protect the human rights and full social inclusion of people with disabilities. It features an annex of resources that includes a descriptive list of all international and European legal and policy documents relevant to people with disabilities.

The European Network on Independent Living is a grantee of the Open Society Foundations.

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