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Documenting Human Rights Violations of Sex Workers in Kenya

  • Date
  • December 2008

Documenting Human Rights Violations of Sex Workers in Kenya details the abuses experienced by sex workers throughout the country, and analyzes the policy framework that undermines sex workers' access to rights.

Pervasive stigma and discrimination against sex workers and a lack of legal recourse leaves sex workers disenfranchised and vulnerable to egregious human rights violations. The study finds that Kenya's laws and practices in relation to sex work breach its own constitutional provisions and violate standards contained in international human rights instruments which Kenya has ratified and agreed to abide.

Among other recommendations, the report calls on the Kenyan government and state institutions to address the human rights concerns of sex workers by reviewing present laws and polices to ensure they adequately protect and respect sex workers' rights, providing access to legal aid, educating sex workers about their rights, and instituting mechanisms for them to obtain redress for violations committed against them. The report serves as a tool for sex workers and their allies to advocate for these and other measures for rights protection.

This report was supported by the Public Health Program's Sexual Health and Rights Project and Law and Health Initiative, as well as the Open Society Initiative for East Africa.

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