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Donde Esta La Justicia? A Call to Action on Behalf of Latino and Latina Youth in the U.S. Justice System

  • Date
  • 2003

The report focuses on the disparities in sentencing and over-representation of Latino and Latina youth in the criminal justice system in the United States. Highlights of the report include:

  • Latino and Latina youth are incarcerated at higher rates, recieve longer sentences, and harsher treatment than white youth even when charged with the same type of offenses
  • Data collection is inadequate, resulting in inaccuracies in reporting the unfair treatment of Latino and Latina youth in the system.
  • Anti-gang laws are resulting in unfair and harsh consequences for Latino and Latina youth in the system.
  • Latino and Latina youth are often not provided with bilingual services they may need.
  • Consideration of a Latino or Latina youth's immigration status often results in incarceration, deportation, and permanent separation from their families.

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