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Follow the Money: A Guide to Monitoring Budgets and Oil and Gas Revenues

  • Date
  • November 17, 2004
  • Author
  • Jim Shultz

Follow the Money provides practical information on how citizens of resource-rich countries can become effective monitors of government earnings and expenditures. It summarizes the experiences of some of the most successful budget groups in the world. Representatives of these groups came together at Central European University in April 2004 to discuss what it takes to succeed in monitoring government management of public money. The workshop was organized by the Open Society Foundations in partnership with the Center for Policy Studies at Central European University and the International Budget Project.

Follow the Money is the first in a series of guides to be published by the Open Society Revenue Watch program targeting different audiences—nongovernmental organizations, journalists, investors, and policymakers—in an effort to help these stakeholders promote government transparency and accountability.

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