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The Frankfurt Principles

Law enforcement authorities are a critical voice in conversations about drug policy reform. To understand more effective and compassionate models, the International Conference on Drug Policy and Policing brought together high-level police officials from 13 countries who presented their experiences on policing the drug trade.

The officials—who came from Brazil, India, Great Britain, the United States, Poland, Czech Republic and Portugal, among others—have employed some of the most innovative and effective drug law enforcement strategies in the world. Many of these approaches involve close cooperation between police, social services and the communities they work in, so that authorities can promote public safety while also helping vulnerable people access life-saving services.

The outcome of this conference was a call to action for more local partnerships, to meet the needs of drug users and to improve public safety.

The conference received the support of the Frankfurt Police Department, Frankfurt Municipal Drug Policy Coordination Office and the Institute for Addiction Research, which is funded by Open Society Foundations.

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