Learning to Change: The Experience of Transforming Education in South East Europe

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Learning to Change: The Experience of Transforming Education in South East Europe (Central European Press), a collection of first-person narratives by education specialists from the region, makes vivid the politics and paradoxes of transforming education systems. Edited by Education Support Program Director (Ljubljana office) Terrice Bassler, the book chronicles the profound effect on schooling caused by the armed conflict, post-communist transition, and increasing openness of the last fifteen years. The stories document the thoughts and feelings of individuals in the classrooms of eleven countries and territories.

A collaboration of recognized leaders from nongovernmental organizations, academia, government service, as well as schools and communities, this work is testament to the recent burgeoning of civil society throughout South Eastern Europe.

Contents include:

  • Simin Han, Medina Korda, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • To Change or Not to Change, Alexandru Crisan, Romania
  • Debate Was the Question Mark, School Was the Full Stop, Tomislav Reškovac, Croatia
  • Out of the Tunnel: Romani School Desegregation, Petya Kabakchieva, Bulgaria
  • Hard Waking Up, Božena Jelušiæ, Montenegro
  • Everybody's School, Bardhyl Musai, Albania
  • From Èoèek to Brahms and Back, Refika Mustafiæ, Serbia
  • Halim a Thousand Times: "Make a School like a Home," Lindita Tahiri and Dukagjin Pupovci, Kosova
  • No Need to Hurry Up? Petya Kabakchieva, Bulgaria
  • Rites of Passage: Reforming the Matura Exam, Ivan Lorenèiè, Slovenia
  • Shadows of the War: A Teacher in Serbia, Vigor Majiæ, Serbia
  • Closer to the Ground, Terrice Bassler
  • The South East Europe Context: Country Context Data
  • Chronologies and Milestones of Education: 1990–2004

Terrice Bassler oversees education programs throughout South East Europe for the Open Society Foundations and Soros foundations network. She is also a visiting fellow at the Institute of Education in London.

A sample chapter is available for download.