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LGBT Health and Rights in East Africa: A Snapshot of Successes and Challenges for the Advocacy Community

The Public Health Program’s Sexual Health and Rights Project (SHARP), in partnership with OSI foundations and initiatives in Africa, is exploring ways to expand support to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) health and rights efforts in Eastern and Southern Africa. SHARP gathered information about community needs, funding opportunities, and challenges by developing contacts with local advocates and groups and other donors, and by reviewing existing data and reports. While there is a tremendous amount of information available, it appears that those supporting the work sometimes have limited awareness of the full range of efforts being undertaken. In order for donors to work more effectively, it is important for this information gap to be bridged. 

The information in this report is organized into five topics: Challenges to the LBGT movement; LGBT groups operating in East Africa; reports and convenings focusing on LGBT issues in Africa; potential opportunities for future advocacy on LGBT issues; and recommended next steps for funders. We hope this analysis will help donors develop strategies and collaborations for supporting LGBT health and rights in the region.  

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