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Maryland Opportunity Compacts: Public Private Partnerships in Action Changing Lives, Systems, and Policies

This report outlines lessons learned from the Maryland Opportunity Compact’s Ready by 21 Initiative, which leveraged private investments to change government funding structures and bring new opportunities to vulnerable youth and improve their long term life chances.

The Initiative relied on short-term initial private capital to deliver
evidence-based programs. The programs reached out to youth and their families to change how youth they interact and respond in their homes and also worked with schools, neighborhoods, and businesses to promote positive social behavior and provide youth with education and work opportunities promote positive social behavior.

The successful programs in this effort helped to create lasting change in how systems serving youth are financed through a compact with the public sector and are models for a more effective and efficient uses of public resources.

The Maryland Opportunity Compact’s Ready by 21 Initiative was supported by the Open Society Foundations Special Fund for Poverty Alleviation in partnership with OSI-Baltimore.


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