Open Society Foundations in Europe

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In 1984, George Soros established his first foundation in Central and Eastern Europe to assist civil society in the transition from communism to democracy. Since then, Open Society’s work has spread throughout Europe and to almost every part of the globe. Open Society has invested more than €6 billion on human rights, justice, and democratic principles, and is now one of the largest nongovernmental funders of civil society in the world.

This publication offers highlights from the Open Society Foundations’ work with civil society organizations across Europe to respond to discrimination, prejudice, and injustice; to understand the emergence of new and sometimes worrying political phenomena; to inform better practices in policing and security; to connect those seeking justice and equality with policymakers and institutions; to promote inclusion for Europe’s minorities; to support a critical and informed discourse among nongovernmental actors; and to empower grassroots organizations to seek change for themselves, unique to their own local context.