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Overcoming Exclusion: The Roma Decade, Part II

While it is still too early to talk about the ultimate impact of the Decade of Roma Inclusion, OSI's EU Monitoring and Advocacy Program (EUMAP) invited independent authors to assess experiences to date and the lessons that can be learned. Two rounds of papers are now available that analyze the merits and flaws of the Roma Decade so far. The scope of the seven papers includes comparative analyses and presentations of national case studies.

Part II, "Reflecting on Social Impact: Employment and Gender," comprises the following four articles, which are available for download.

  • "Economic Development Perspectives of Roma: Looking Critically at the Social Impact of Development Measures," Jennifer Tanaka, Assistant Director, Pakiv European Roma Fund
  • "Analysing and Assessing the Implementation of Existing Strategies: Lessons for the Future," Florin Nasture, President, Cultural Centre O Del Amenca
  • "Addressing Gender Inequality in the Decade of Roma Inclusion: The Case of Serbia," Tatjana Peric, Development Coordinator, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization
  • "The Croatian National Programme for the Roma Minority: An Example of Gender Inequality?" Ana Bogdanic, Activist, Association of Roma Women "Better Life"

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