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Restoring American Leadership

  • Date
  • April 2005

Cosponsored by the Open Society Foundations and the Security and Peace Institute (a joint program of the Center for American Progress and The Century Foundation), Restoring American Leadership: 13 Cooperative Steps to Advance Social Progress offers a starting point for restoring America's international alliances. The papers in the report, written by experts in 13 fields, recommend how President George W. Bush can make progress in areas where his personal commitment to action is needed and where global alliances can help strengthen the national security goals of the United States.

Restoring American Leadership covers a wide range of topics, from international cooperation in the war on terror, to curbing proliferation of nuclear weapons, to advancing the rights of women across the globe. Each paper offers a specific set of recommendations for executive action by the president consistent with his stated values, as well as a brief overview of the administration's position on the issue to date.


Strengthening U.S. Security

  • Work to Institutionalize the International Fight Against Terrorism, Daniel Benjamin
  • Promote Multilateral Nuclear Nonproliferation Efforts, Jon Wolfsthal
  • Uphold the Geneva Conventions and the Convention Against Torture, Eugene R. Fidell

Promoting Freedom and Preventing Genocide

  • Protect U.S. Interests More Effectively by Supporting the International Criminal Court, Stephen Rickard
  • Help Develop Institutions and Instruments for Military Intervention on Humanitarian Grounds, Anne-Marie Slaughter
  • Improve Coordination with Allies to Promote Democracy, Ted Piccone
  • Support Ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, Alexandra Arriaga

Increasing U.S. Engagement in International Health and Environmental Protection

  • Extend and Reinforce American Leadership of the Multilateral Response to HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, Anil Soni
  • Reassert United States Leadership on Women's Health and Human Rights, Adrienne Germain
  • Meet the Challenge of Climate Change with U.S.-EU Cooperation, Philip Clapp

Advancing Global Development

  • Strengthen Coordination of U.S. Development Assistance with the Millennium Development Goals, Jamie Drummond
  • Fulfill the Promise of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, Lael Brainard
  • Promote Broader Budget Transparency Abroad, Pamela Gomez


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