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ScholarForum: The Politics of the Environment

This issue of ScholarForum features contributions from Open Society Scholarship Programs grantees and alumni on the topic "The Politics of the Environment" and also focuses on the regions of Central Asia and Mongolia. The articles display a range of perspectives, from a call for the thoughtful use of biofuels instead of their fossil fuel counterparts, to the impact of a natural disaster on the law in Indonesia.

Impressive photographs from Kyrgyzstan, submitted by Social Work Fellowship Program grantee Nail Nasritdinov, reveal that economic hardships and dangerous conditions are a daily reality for some sections of society, while essays from Mongolia highlight efforts made for children's rights at the grassroots level. An interview with Cornelius Graubner, program officer at the Central Eurasia Project, provides insight into the progress and difficulties encountered by the Open Society Foundations in the area.

A concluding section on Alumni Updates displays the diverse, relevant and interesting paths Scholarship Programs' grantees take after their scholarships.

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