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At What Cost? HIV and Human Rights Consequences of the Global "War on Drugs"

  • Date
  • March 2009

A decade after governments worldwide pledged to achieve a "drug-free world," there is little evidence that the supply or demand of illicit drugs has been reduced. Instead, aggressive drug control policies have led to increased incarceration for minor offenses, human rights violations, and disease.

This book examines the descent of the global war on drugs into a war on people who use drugs. From Puerto Rico to Phnom Penh, Manipur to Moscow, the scars of this war are carried on the bodies and minds of drug users, their families, and the health and service providers who work with them.

The following topics are included in this volume:

  • Police Abuse of Injection Drug Users in Indonesia
  • Arbitrary Detention and Police Abuse of Drug Users in Cambodia
  • Forced Drug Testing in China
  • Drug Control Policies and HIV Prevention and Care Among Injection Drug Users in Imphal, India
  • Effects of UN and Russian Influence on Drug Policy in Central Asia
  • The Impacts of the Drug War in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Civil Society Reflections on 10 Years of Drug Control in Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam
  • Twin Epidemics—Drug Use and HIV/AIDS in Pakistan

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