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Winning the Web

  • Date
  • May 2009
  • Author
  • Becky Hogge

Commissioned by the Information Program from the former executive director of OSI grantee the Open Rights Group, this report represents a comprehensive survey of techniques employed in recent access to knowledge (A2K) activism that have succeeded in taking intellectual property (IP) reform issues to a wide audience.

The goal of this report is to identify and interrogate these pockets of activism, and to draw lessons from them in the hope that these lessons spread across the broadening global network of IP reform activists, ensuring a strong, sustainable, and ultimately successful global movement for IP reform well into the future.


  • Introduction
  • Lessons for IP reformers
  • Using the tools of the internet
  • Coalition Building
  • The message
  • A global movement?
  • Case Study: Fair copyright for Canada
  • Case Study: Graduated Response in France
  • Case Study: Opening up debate in Brazil
  • Case Study: Guilt on Accusation in New Zealand
  • Case Study: Copyright term extension in Europe
  • Case Study: ACTA in the USA
  • Conclusion
  • Table of Abbreviations
  • Acknowledgements

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