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Young People’s Recommendations for an Addiction Prevention Policy

This paper was compiled by Espolea’s Drug Policy Program in a span of one year, and through a series of different workshops, in order to build on the current drug policy debate and contribute to the engagement of young people in dialogue around prevention, harm reduction, treatment and law enforcement.

The document revises and recommends policy modifications and best practices. This results in a youth paper that can be utilized at every level of government for implementation and serves two parallel purposes: act as a thematic guide for young people interested in debating and advocating on a shift on drug policy and propose a series of starting points and policy recommendations through which to build a more comprehensive drug policy that respect human rights.

Espolea, a grantee of the Global Drug Policy Program of the Open Society Foundations, is a youth-led Mexico-based NGO founded in 2006 in Mexico City that works with other young people defending human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, gender equality and fighting HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination.

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