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The Open Society Foundations in Africa seek to combat negative perceptions about Africa by working with local actors to support democratic governance, criminal justice reform, natural resource regulation, independent media, and public health reform, with a particular focus on HIV and AIDS.

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Open Society Voices

Q&A: Defending the Right to Protest in South Africa

December 6, 2018

Despite its place in the country’s constitution, the right to peacefully protest in South Africa is often abridged. Here’s what the civil society group Right2Protest is doing to end this injustice and protect this key right.

Case Watch: South Africa’s Constitutional Court Strikes Down Restrictive Protest Law

November 29, 2018 Sandra Coliver

A carefully reasoned ruling from South Africa’s Constitutional Court will reinforce the existing international jurisprudence supporting the right to peaceful protest.

Lessons from 25 Years of Open Society in South Africa—and Dreams for the Next 25 Years

November 29, 2018 Alexander Soros

For more than a quarter of a century, the Open Society Foundations have been dedicated to South Africa, proudly supporting its nascent democracy and civil society movements.